Personal Insights

When you finally say that you’ve fully understood someone, you’re wrong, because everyone is too unique to be completely understood. I have a friend who is born the same day and same year as me. According to the horoscopes and zodiac predictions, we should be similar. Although we may have the same feelings and same emotions to start out with (ex: reacting the same way to certain situations, feeling the same when put into the same situation), the way we have been brought up has affected us along the way in our lives. Every bit of conversation and encounter with others is part of our own life experience and that led us to different paths. Even the tiniest, most trivial experiences makes us unique human beings. When she has trouble sometimes, I help her and I think I have her figured out exactly, like how she thinks. But, right when I think I got it exactly right, she tells me what I said is NOT what she really thinks. Then, I hit a brick wall. “How can I not understand you when we are so similar?” is what I thought.

After this experience, I realized that everyone is really different, because everything we do and everything we encounter shapes us little by little until we reach the persons we are today. So don’t attempt to fully understand someone or think that you’ve got them figured out because they’re just like that person you met a couple of years ago, because everyone is different. Every single person is having their own unique journey.


Yesterday, I was with a friend and we had a “deep” talk. After getting home, I realized something. I realized that everyone around you has equal importance. It doesn’t matter if you hate that person or love that person, because if they are in your life, you will learn something from them. Actually, let me rephrase this, you can learn something from everyone, whether it’s from love or hate. All those people are all part of your own life journey.

There are people that I despise and there are people that I absolutely adore. They have influenced me in one way or another and I’ve definitely learned from them. Like people say, opportunities are everywhere and it’s totally true – you can always find something to learn from the people around you. It’s almost like they are there for you, to influence you somehow that has led you to the way you are today. If they did something good or bad to you, it’s a perfect opportunity to learn from that situation (like how to deal with it if it happens again, what it shows about people, etc.) because it will happen again someday. For example, backstabbers can teach  you that people have multiple layers- they are not a one layer of pure goodness. And because of that person and experience, your life will be more full and meaningful. So don’t always hate that one person who betrayed you or hurt you in any way, thank them for teaching you something about life that will definitely come in handy in the future.

The good and the bad can both help you become a better person and help you know more about the wonders, obsacles, and happiness in life. So, cherish everyone around you.