February 2009

ap exams, finals, and more tests, I FEEL THE PRESSARRRRRR.  and it feels like it’s just around the corner although the semester just started. that means: NO MORE DRAMAS- if i can control it[: hehehehehehe.

any advice to help lay off the pressure?[:



When you finally say that you’ve fully understood someone, you’re wrong, because everyone is too unique to be completely understood. I have a friend who is born the same day and same year as me. According to the horoscopes and zodiac predictions, we should be similar. Although we may have the same feelings and same emotions to start out with (ex: reacting the same way to certain situations, feeling the same when put into the same situation), the way we have been brought up has affected us along the way in our lives. Every bit of conversation and encounter with others is part of our own life experience and that led us to different paths. Even the tiniest, most trivial experiences makes us unique human beings. When she has trouble sometimes, I help her and I think I have her figured out exactly, like how she thinks. But, right when I think I got it exactly right, she tells me what I said is NOT what she really thinks. Then, I hit a brick wall. “How can I not understand you when we are so similar?” is what I thought.

After this experience, I realized that everyone is really different, because everything we do and everything we encounter shapes us little by little until we reach the persons we are today. So don’t attempt to fully understand someone or think that you’ve got them figured out because they’re just like that person you met a couple of years ago, because everyone is different. Every single person is having their own unique journey.


from popseoul.com

this video is sooo funny. BEWARE.

So, I just watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and I thought that it had its touching moments, but to me, there was nothing particularly special, except for my new found crush on Brad Pitt’s handsomeness (now I know why people think he is so good looking).

The beginning was definitely was moving, actually, I still remember how much impact it had on me. But as it went on, my interest for the movie slowly declined and I felt like I was just “watching” the movie, rather than thoroughly and completely buried in the movie. BUT, when Brad Pitt went into the picture, the story actually moved along and things started to happen (life changes, huge impacts, relationships, heartaches, etc.). And for the first time, I found out why people though Brad Pitt was so handsome, haha, I’ll stop talking about that now. So after he came into the picture, everything started to move and Oh! The! Tragedy! started and it wasn’t the completely depressing kind, but the heartwarming kind. It was very touching.

If you want to see a heartwarming tragic romance story with a handsome male lead, go watch it. For some reason, I felt like this movie was not different from the sad sad korean movies I’ve seen. Its, always, the SAME, PLOT (by plot I mean how the tragedy leads on and the ending).

Oh I forgot, there is more to the movie than just romance 😛 There is also the didactic purpose, which I CAN’T TELL YOU, cause’ you have to watch the movie[:

Someday – Do You Know?

This song is in korean – haha, of course – and it has a great melody and style<3

Youtube it!